Before I get into investing in domains, let me take you through a brief intro about domains

What are domains?

In simple terms and to make things clear for the newbies, when you visit a website, the part after the “http://www.” is the domain name.

For example, let’s take this site. Here, is the domain name.

Classification of domains

The major domain types are:

In most cases, .com is undoubtedly the King of Domains. So when you plan to register a domain, check for the .com first.

Investing in domains

Are you aware that was sold for 13 million dollars, for 11 million dollars and for almost 10 million dollars. I have seen many faces with their jaws dropped when I tell them about this.

So now that you got my attention, let’s get to why should you invest in domains. Here’s why:

How to start?

First of all, don’t rush in by going to a domain registrar and trying to buy as many domains as that you can. Take it slowly, first read about domains and understand the business. Here are a list of good websites that you can visit to have a better understanding about the domain name industry:

Your first domain

To start of, I would suggest that you buy your name as your first domain. In case you become rich and famous (hopefully from domains), this would be a good one to have a blog.

For example, I own (this blog) and (which is my last name)

Domains for investments

Many people say that all the good domains are gone. This may be true, but there are a lot of gems available out there, which you can pick really cheap, if you spend some time and effort. For example, I was able to buy a domain for $10 on eBay and later sell it for $400 in less than 1 week.

Here are three tips when purchasing domains for investments

Try to get generic domains if they are available (especially in your country code). For example, if you can get or that would be great

Try going for Geo + Keyword domains. Examples are,,, and so on.

Setting up online classifieds and directories are good way to make some money from domains, so consider going for domains like,, etc.

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