Startups. Tech. Entrepreneurship. InfoSec. Sustainability.

This sums up what I do. I’m a simple guy with a passion for selling. I have dabbled in sales of enterprise software and professional services, collaboration solutions, real estate, telephone cards, pens, perfumes and everything in between. I love working with tech startups and have also invested in a few of them. I’m a problem solver and the guy you hire when you need to grow your startup or need a co-founder who can help you take your startup places.

Let’s connect to scale & grow your business.

"If you get the chance to work with Jamshid you'd be crazy not to grab it!"
Walter Heck
CTO, Olindata

Dream & Achieve

Face your fears and live your dreams. Don’t ever stop dreaming. It’s only those who dare to dream who achieve the best in life

Help Others. Expect Nothing in Return

If you are doing a favor or help to anybody, do it without expecting anything in return. If you expect something, then it is just a transaction.

Always be Learning

Learning never has to stop. There’s no age for learning. Always be learning something new.

Live & Let Live

Live your life the way you want to and let others live their life the way they want to. Simple.